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Monday, February 15, 2010

Publix Run

So Not a SUPER great week, just a few ends.
Total Before Coupons:$107.07
Store Coupons-$13.79
Vendor Coupons-$10.54
Special Price Savings-$13.92
Grand Total- $68.82

So i know what your thinking! $68.82 for that!!!! Yes, I forgot to take a pic of the two gift cards 1-$50 Amex, and 1-$10 Publix Card :) There was a coupon in the flyer for get a $10 Publix GC when you buy a $50 amex card- there was a $4.95 ati fee but they basicly paid me $5.05 to change $50 to a GC- I have NO problem with that- I will take your $5.05 :)

So heres what i got-
2- Country Crock
2- Bags M & M (1/2 off valentines)
2-Pillsbury Cookies
2-Roasted Almonds
2-Lysol All Purpose Cleaners
2- Golden Oreos
1-Hallmark Card
2-Marie Calenders Shelf Stable Pasta Meals( were trying some new things for hubbys work lunches)
1-$50 Amex card
1-$10 Publix Gift Card

So if you break that down I paid $8.82 for all the items pictured-- And I have a $50 Amex GC and a $10 Publix Card to spend :) I think thats a pretty good deal :)


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