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Sunday, February 14, 2010

So Far This year...

So i was just thinking today of all the stuff i have already scored a years supply of. Here is what i came up with so far.

Years supply-
12 Cases of Aquafina- Profit of $9
10-3 pack Zest- $10 (im sure this is over a year)
3/4 Gallon of shampoo- Traded stockpile with rebecca
15- 30 packsFinish tabs-$1 each
20 Big Body towels from Khols- $1.40 each! I hope these last years!
12- Boxes of 25 Gallon zippy bags Target- $10
6 Frenchs mustard- free
20- Hallmark Cards- Free
12 packs Carefree- .12 each(average)

1/2 year-
15 packs of bacon- $1.25 pack
6 packs Kotex-$1 each

1/4 year-
12 packs of wipes- .50 each
12 packs of huggies and pampers diapers- avg of $3.99 pack
17 cases of mt dew $1.60 each
10 packs 8oz cheese- .99 each

Things i still have left over from my years supply last year
5 tubes of crest toothpaste- all free
4 listerne- all free
lots of pain meds aleve, tylonal,ect

ANd this is all since Jan 1-- im sure there are others i just cant remember right now


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