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Monday, July 12, 2010

Coupon Bins and Coupon Fairies OH MY!

So the word is out that CVS is starting to put in some coupon swap Bins. Bring your unwanted still in date coupons, and take what you need.

Also Be on the look out for Coupon Fairies or Be one your self! What is a coupon fairy you might ask? Its someone who leaves i coupon on an item in a store.. I have been one and recieved! How about you??

Read all the info here Coupon Bin and Fairies


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Review of Zesty Chicken BBQ

So I made the Zesty Chicken BBQ tonight for supper.. We both agreed it was good.. Not great, not bad, but good. Seemed like we needed a but spicer bbq sauce. Just wanted to post our opinons on it :)

Click here for Recipe

Monday, July 5, 2010

Holy Milk Batman! (publix Run)

Ok Here it is, 68 Ready to Feed Similac Sensitive RS, 2 Sourcream, 2 frenchs mustard, 2 hotdog buns,2 renolds foil... Total$384 AfterSavings and Coupons--- Grand Total $76 plus tax(7.60 since i was in MGM) !!!!!!!!!! $308 in savings!!! = <---- One happy Mommy!!

Weekly Meal Plan

Here is my Weekly Meal Plan, With the 4th this week and hubby off today, Im meal planning Tuesday-Friday. We usual eat out on the weekends.. These are in no order as i find sticking one thing to one day doesnt work for us. I just make a list for the week and pick each day, and i always ad a few extra meals.

The first two are new recipes i havent tried..

Zesty Crockpot Chicken-Here

Baked parmasan chicken-Here

Taco Kit

Bacon/Tomato sandwich (we arnt very big on the lettuce! lol)

Frozen Lasagna or Pizza

Grilled Steak or hamburgers..

The best part is my list of stuff i will need to make these is less than $5 this week! YAY!