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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Publix Run 2/3

So Baby CC and me had a GREAT trip to Publix today!

Total before Coupons and Savings: $140.32
Store Coupons- $21.73
Vendor Coupons- $37.40
Advertized Savings-$54.36
Total savings-113.49

Grand Total- $26.83!!!! (Tax was $5.42)

Thats a 81% Savings!!!!!

Heres what i got

(Things i Got Free After Coupons)
4- Kraft BBQ Sauce(these were peelies on the velv mac and cheese)
3- Glass Plus
6-Frenchs Mustard
5-Hallmark Cards
Yoplait Smoothie
5lbs Publix Sugar(Penny Item)

Other things i got
7-Marie Callendar Pasta Meals
2-Kosher Salt
8- 1 lb Velveta Cheese Loafs
8- Velveta Shells and cheese
4-Chef Boyrdee Forkables
1- Large Publix Quick Oats
2-32.oz College Inn Chicken Broth
1-14oz Min Rice
3-Phil Cream Cheese

I also got two rain checks for the Phil Cream Cheese(i got the last 3 orginals) and the Huleva Good Dip. Remember Rain checks are good up to 30 days, so if they dont have something you want just go to customer service and get a rain check!

Also The Pratt Publix has restocked the Hallmark 99 cent Cards, i did have to search for envelopes for them though...

On a side note this week 90% of the coupons were Internet Printed from www.iheartpublix.com (So dont think this is a Magic trick, You CAN do this too!!!)


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