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Monday, February 8, 2010

Bertolli Frozen Lasagna

Sooo Whats your Fav Non Homemade meal? We are absolutely in Love with these Bertolli Frozen lasagna meals. Easy and quick and SUPER YUMMY(Thanks to my friend Carolyn for sharing because i NEVER would have bought these EVER) So no these are def not the cheapest meals out there(around 6-8$ and feeds 2, rarely coupons come out but when they do i stock up, got this round for $4 after coupon and GC from Target) but i havent found any good "quality" frozen family meals.(If You have i would LOVE to hear from you!!!) We were eating the Contessa Sesame chicken skillet meals, but they have lowered the chicken quality the last time i wasnt sure i was going to be able to eat mine (bleck!)

So anyway. I would say we have this about once a month, yes its a little more than i like to spend but the quality is def there to make up for the price tag!

Topped it off with the New York Chibotta Bread

Total meal cost $5.50


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  1. I saw these in the store today and thought about you! :)