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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Wow! Great Deal this week!!

Sorry I havent posted this weekend, My parents were in town and then we had a busy day today, but im back on track now.There are some great deals this week!

The Best i see is at Kmart. Buy 4 Pieces Bags(York, Reeses,Almond Joy, Herserys Dark) @ 2/$5 and Mail in for a Free $10 GC. = Free Candy!! This Deal can be done four times per household, but must be sent in seperate envelopes.
*~*But do you want to sweeten this deal? There were $1/1 coupons that came out intodays paper(yeah not the MA i know) I ended up getting 16 coupons off ebay for .8 cents each. To me this is a super deal. Each deal will be a $3.68 profit for me.*~*

Also Walgreens has several things that are Free after RR. You can check them out here

Im sure there are some more great things out there i just havent seen yet, If you see something you think is great comment on this post :)


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