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Sunday, January 31, 2010

My Meal Plan

So each week I sit down on Sundays and Make a Meal Plan for a week. This gives me an idea if i need to buy anything special from the store. I just do my main dish as i usually have a hand full of sides i can throw with anything. And BOOO im completely out of ground beef so maybe there will be a good sale soon!! These are in no order. I used to plan and everything be a special day but i found my self not sticking to that so now i just make a list and choose something off the list for that day. Tuesday i try and do something easy as hubby has meetings.. The trick to meal planing is this. 1- Shop from your pantry first, then shop the sales ads, Then find the best prices on whats not on sale. The goal is to make each meal as cheap as you can. Each of my meals below will be under $5 including sides total(except the steaks but they are $8)

For the following meal plan, the only thing i dont have is hamburger buns for the chicken finger sandwiches.

Ranch Baked Chicken

Crock Pot pork chops

Grilled steaks(BTW anyone ever put a steak in a crockpot??)

Fried chicken fringer sandwiches

Baked BBQ pork Chops

Something premade from the Freezer- brunswick stew,veg soup ect

Grilled Cheese and Tomato soup

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