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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Great Target Finds

After my Great Lunch with Rebecca I desided that i would run into Target and see what they had. Turn out they had just marked down Linen 50 and 75% off today!If you get close it would probably be worth your wild to walk up ever asile in the linens. I saw curtains,towels,lots and lots of bed sheets, comforters, rugs,ect. There were several things i REALLY wanted but i desided to pick the best deals and get them. They did have a great douvet cover for $20 i almost got(marked down from 80)but they didnt have the shams or pillow slips and i wasnt sure i would find any to match. So i did snag these GREAT 100% 700 thread count sheets(king) for a mere $15! This was almost as good as my deal last year with 1000 TC for $15 but they didnt have 1000TC this year. I thought it was a super score! And there sooo soft!

Also the baby stuff thats was 50% is now 75%. I paid $1.12 for the hairbows and the socks. It was really picked over though!

Also I picked up our Free 3D glasses for the Grammys on Sunday. There were just laying there with the Michael Jackson DVDs(ididnt see them i had to ask but the Pratt store said they had BOXES of them) I also let Baby CC Model them, even though she didnt like them to much :)

Happy Targeting!


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